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  • Whoppers from the worldWhoppers from the world : Outrageous lies that we buy into

    Brown, Steve.

    A practical study on lies that a lot of us have come to believe, lies that do great harm to our personal walks with Christ and the the larger Body of Christ. Be honest. As Christians we have all, at one time or another, found ourselves believing such whoppers as "The law doesn't matter;" "God helps tose who help themselves;" "God wants me to be healthy, successful, and rich;" and so many more. Learn to exchange these whoppers from the world with the truth. And the truth will set you free.

  • Always resolve everything nowAlways resolve everything now : the key to lasting relationships

    MacDonald, James.

    Disc titles: Resolve it Now; --Eight steps to conflict resolution; --Issues in conflict resolution.

  • Tough Times AheadTough Times Ahead : Dangers, toils, and snares

    Begg, Alistair.

    Disc Titles: Dealing with Stress; --All the lonely people; --Casting all your cares; --Down in the valley; --Jesus calms the storm; --Suffering in the believer's life; --If anyone is sick (parts 1 & 2); --Makikng the most of it; --Sweet fruit from a thorny tree; --So do not fear; --Celebrate life!; --Sweet fruit revisited.

  • Whatever happened to virtue?Whatever happened to virtue?

    Rutland, Mark.

    Disc titles: Loyalty --Meekness --Modesty --Diligence --Reverence --Courage --Honesty --Gratitude,.

  • Revealing the mysteries of heavenRevealing the mysteries of heaven

    Jeremiah, David.

    Disc Titles: So what's up with Heaven?--Where are they now?--Won't Heaven be boring?--The ultimate extreme make-over--The oscar's of Heaven--The heavenly city--Worship in Heaven--The new heaven and the new earth--What on earth is the millennium?--What about the children?--Tough-minded about Heaven.

  • Living with confidence in a chaotic worldLiving with confidence in a chaotic world : what on earth should we do now?

    Jeremiah, David.

    Disc Titles: Stay calm -- Stay compassionate -- Stay constructive -- Stay challenged -- Stay connected -- Stay centered -- Stay confident -- Stay consistent -- Stay committed -- Stay convinced .

  • Sacred sexSacred sex : a spiritual celebration of oneness in marriage

    Gardner, Tim Alan.

  • JobJob : A man of heroic endurance

    Disc 1 - Responding Wisely When Falsely Accused; Disc 1 --How to handle criticism with class.

  • Priced to movePriced to move : a novel

    Aiken, Ginny.

  • Our created universeOur created universe

    Psarris, Spike.

    What is our universe's origin? Did it form in a Big Bang event billions of years ago? Or are the heavens consistent with the Biblical account of creation instead? Spike Psarris, former NASA engineer, insists the seculartist claimss are false and shares evidence that the heavens declare the glory of God.

  • The mammoth & the Ice AgeThe mammoth & the Ice Age

    Oard, Michael.

    What killed the woolly mammoth? Why do we find specimens all over Siberia? How did these hairy elephants survive such a hostile environment? You'll be captivated as scientist Michael Oard solves the baffling mystery of the Ice Age that followed the biblical Flood. - Publisher.

  • The atheist delusionThe atheist delusion : Why millions deny the obvious

    Having to prove the existence of God to an atheist is like having to prove the existence of the sun at noon on a clear day. Yet millions are embrocing the foolishness of atheism. This film pulls back the curtain and reveals what is going on in the mind of those who deny the obvious. Follow a number of atheists as they go where the evidence leads, and display an honesty that is rarely seen on film.

  • Evolution vs. GodEvolution vs. God : shaking the foundations of faith

  • Rock strata, fossils, and the floodRock strata, fossils, and the flood

    Snelling, Andrew.

    An illustrated lecture on what is found with six main geologic evidences for the flood cataclysm described in Genesis 7-8.

  • The authentic ChristThe authentic Christ

    Edwards, Brian.

    Offers a look at the evidence for Jesus Christ as a real figure of history and documents of the historical accuracy of the Gospels.

  • Ape-MenApe-Men: the grand illusion

    Mortenson, Terry.

    The consensus among secular scientists is absolute: man evolved from an ape-like creature over a period of millions of years. But what scientific evidence is that claim based on, and can that claim be harmonized with the Bible?. . .See for yourself that the idea of ape-men is a grand illusion, deceiving millions worldwide and undermining the clarity and authority of Scripture!.

  • Lucy, she's no ladyLucy, she's no lady a critique of one of the supposed ancestors of man

    Menton, David.

  • CreationCreation science confirms the Bible is true

    "Using simple scientific observation, Dr. Jason Lisle systematically dismantles Darwin's claims..."-from container.

  • LifeLife

    "Th earth abounds with a factastic variety of living things--birds, cattle, fish, people. But what is life? Where did this mysterious life come from? Why are living things so similar? Explore amazing answers from the Bible in this revealing collection of videos from the Creation Museum."--Container.

  • Creation astronomyCreation astronomy viewing the universe through biblical glasses

    Lisle, Jason.

    Dr. Lisle shows viewers how when the evidence of nature is understood properly, it points to a young age of the universe, which lines up perfectly with the teachings of Scripture.

  • The Wild brothersThe Wild brothers : Islands of the gods

    "Follows the homeschooling missionaries Mike & Libby Wild and their four sons to the rich but challenging culture of Bali, Indonesia! Wherever Morgan and his brothers turn, Hindu and Buddhist influences are evident. Temples and statues to the Balinese gods, ancestors, and animals abound. The people of Bali worship creation instead of the Creator. As the brothers set out to understand and explain the rituals, their curriosity nearly gets them in trouble."--Container.

  • The Wild brothersThe Wild brothers : Welcome to our world

    "Enter the reality of a homeschooling missionary family, and meet the four sons of Mike and Libby Wild deep in the remote jungle of a Southeast Pacific island. Experience creation, and evangelism, like never before!"--Container.

  • Seven days in UtopiaSeven days in Utopia

    "Luke Chisolm... [is] a talented young golfer set on making the pro tour. When his first big shot turns out to be a very public disaster, Luke escapes the pressures of the game and finds himself unexpectedly stranded in Utopia, Texas, home to eccentric rancher Johnny Crawford... But Johnny's more than meets the eye, and his profound ways of looking at life, love, and faith force Luke to question not only his past choices, but his direction for the future"--Container.

  • WWJDWWJD : what would Jesus do? the journey continues

    Nasser, Joseph.

    Bound by a promise he made to his mother on her deathbe, a pastor seeks to lead his wayward ex-con brother to Christ as they work together to renovate a dilapidated church. But when a desperate man robs the church at gunpoint, one borther's sacrifice sets events into motion that lead the pastor, the gunman, and the community on an improbable journey of faith and redemption.

  • Rose from brierRose from brier

    Carmichael, Amy, 1867-1951.

    From her own personal experiences, Amy Carmichael has gathered a priceless treasury of helpful thoughts for those who are ill. This is why it "speaks to our condition" and why I have sent it again and again to ones who are hurting. As pain is not always physical, it is a book for all who suffer. It is by far the best that I have found. -- review by Ruth Bell Graham.

  • Who is this man?Who is this man? : the unpredictable impact of the inescapable Jesus

    Ortberg, John.

  • Rachel and the riotRachel and the riot : the labor movement divides a family

    Miller, Susan Martins.

    When, in 1889, the streetcar drivers of Minneapolis, Minnesota, decide to strike for better wages, ten-year-old Rachel finds that the increasingly violent rift between labor and management is causing bitter divisions among her family and friends.

  • Sarah's new worldSarah's new world : the Mayflower adventure

    Reece, Colleen L.

    Sarah Smythe and her family leave Holland for a new life in America in 1620.

  • Kingdom womanKingdom woman : embracing your purpose, power, and possibilities

    Evans, Tony, 1949-

  • The Missing VideoThe Missing Video

    Gustaveson, Dave.

    Would the "Reel Kids" trip to Cuba turn into an international nightmare?.

  • Amazon strangerAmazon stranger

    Gustaveson, Dave.

    The "Reel Kids" trip to South America had become far riskier that anyone could imagine--leaving in doubt if they could escape the perils of the deadly river to reach the Amazon tribe.

  • The safest place on earthThe safest place on earth : where people connect and are forever changed

    Crabb, Larry, 1944-

  • Hudson TaylorHudson Taylor : founder, China Inland Mission

    Christie, Vance.

  • Second chancesSecond chances

    Smith, Debra White.

  • The Love KillerThe Love Killer : a novelplus

    McDowell, Josh.

    Relates the experiences of Krystal Wayne and her friends at Eisenhower High as they struggle to understand the relationship between love and sex. Includes follow-up material on the biblical concept of love and how it applies to our daily lives.

  • Island dreamerIsland dreamer

    Gunn, Robin Jones, 1955-

    Christy Miller visits Hawaii, where she turns sixteen and overcomes her fear of driving during an island adventure.

  • I stand at the door and knockI stand at the door and knock

    Ten Boom, Corrie.

  • What Mary and Joseph knew about parentingWhat Mary and Joseph knew about parenting

    Osborne, Rick.

    "Examples and principles from the Bible that can help today's parents in raising children the way God intended"--Provided by the publisher.

  • Power of the BloodPower of the Blood : approaching God with confidence

    Sorge, Bob.

  • AmandaAmanda

    Smith, Debra White.

  • Born crucifiedBorn crucified

    Maxwell, L. E.

  • Surviving a spiritual mismatch in marriageSurviving a spiritual mismatch in marriage

    Strobel, Lee, 1952-

  • Inherently windInherently wind a hollywood history of the Scopes trial

    Menton, David.

    Critique of the play and movie "Inherit the Wind" as a representation of the Scopes trial.

  • The Gladys Aylward storyThe Gladys Aylward story

    "With war raging about her and soldiers closing in, the wounded missionary Gladys Aylward (as portrayed in the movie, "The Inn of the Sixth Happiness) sets out on the most difficult journey of her life--a 100 mile trek over the mountains to a safe haven. But it's not her own safety that concerns this little woman with big faith. It's the safety and well being of the 100 orphaned children in her care." -- container.

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Popular Titles

  • Butterfly palaceButterfly palace

    Coble, Colleen.

    "Lilly secures a job as maid in a grand manor in Austin, Texas. But even far from home, her past lurks around every corner.When Lilly Donnelly arrives at the Cutlers' famed Butterfly Mansion in 1899, the massive house and unfamiliar duties threaten to overwhelm her. Victorian Austin is lavish, highly political, and intimidating, but with the help of the other servants, Lilly resolves to prove herself to her new employers.Then, while serving at an elegant dinner party;Lilly recognizes one distinguished guest as Andrew, the love of her life, who abandoned her without a word back home. He seems to have assumed a new identity and refuses to acknowledge her, leaving her confused and reeling.Before Lilly can absorb this unwelcome news, shes attacked. Could it be the sinister;Servant Girl Killer who has been terrorizing Austin? Or is it someone after something more personal someone from her past?Does she dare trust Andrew to help or is he part of the danger threatening to draw Lilly into its vortex?"--

  • Safe in his armsSafe in his arms : an Under Texas Stars novel

    Coble, Colleen.

  • ImplosionImplosion : can America recover from its economic and spiritual challenges in time?

    Rosenberg, Joel C., 1967-

    Bestselling author and international political expert Joel C. Rosenberg tackles the question: Is America an empire in decline or a nation poised for a historic Renaissance? America teeters on a precipice. In the midst of financial turmoil, political uncertainty, declining morality, the constant threat of natural disasters, and myriad other daunting challenges, many wonder what the future holds for this once-great nation. Will history's greatest democracy stage a miraculous comeback, returning to the forefront of the world's economic and spiritual stage? Can America's religious past be repeated today with a third Great Awakening? Or will the rise of China, Russia, and other nations, coupled with the US's internal struggles, send her into a decline from which there can be no return? Implosion helps readers understand the economic, social, and spiritual challenges facing the United States in the 21st century, through the lens of biblical prophecy. - Publisher.

  • Blue moon promiseBlue moon promise

    Coble, Colleen.

  • Hope rekindledHope rekindled

    Peterson, Tracie.

    When a spirited matchmaker finds her own match, will overwhelming obstacles prevent her from finding happiness and fulfillment? Set in eastern Texas in the 1880's.

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