Pandita Ramabai: the story of her life

Dyer, Helen S.

Sun City Center, FL : Revival Press, [1900], 2014.

154 p ; 20 cm.

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Pandita Ramabai (1858-1922) was an Indian woman who founded the Mukti (Salvation in Marathi) Mission in 1889 for child widows. The mission continues to this day and celebrated its 125th anniversary in 2014.Ramabai would overcome many personal trials including the death of her family, her husband, and the burdens of a lifeless religion. Her earthly father taught her to read at an early age and instill in her a love of education. Her heavenly father saved her and enabled her to help the helpless. Ramabai would rescue and minister to child widows in India. The children were in many cases as young as six years of age. The children's marriages often ended with the death of their much older husband. When the marriage concluded, they were abandoned by their families, and would die, or be forced into a life of begging and prostitution. Ramabai took these throw away girls who were considered the lowest sect of their people and poured into their lives by educating them, caring for their needs and leading them into a life with Jesus Christ. Her actions were revolutionary and unheard of for India at that time. May Ramabai's life story bless you and encourage you to live by her challenging words, "A life committed to Christ has nothing to fear, nothing to lose, nothing to regret."WWW.REVIVALPRESS.NETFollow us on Twitter @revivalpressLike us on Facebook


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DS479.1.R3 D8


Dyer, Helen S.


Pandita Ramabai: the story of her life / by Helen S. Dyer.


Sun City Center, FL : Revival Press, [1900], 2014.


154 p ; 20 cm.


Ramabai Sarasvati,--Pandita,--1858-1922.




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    $c Statement of responsibility  by Helen S. Dyer.
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    $c Date of publication, dist, etc  [1900], 2014.
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    $c Dimensions  20 cm.
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    $c Other associated words  Pandita,
    $d Dates associated  1858-1922.
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