The canopy


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The canopy

Hunt, Angela Elwell, 1957-

Nasville : W Pub. Group, c2003.

400 p. ; 22 cm.

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Deep in the lush and dangerous rain forests of Peru, Alexandra Pace and her team search determinedly for a cure for deadly diseases. One strain of the disease has already begun the process of ravaging Alexandra's own mind and body. Finding a cure is the only hope for her and for her daughter, who has almost certainly inherited the same disease.

Alex believes she is searching for a needle in a haystack until she meets Michael Kenway, a British doctor who lost his wife when "mad cow disease" ravaged Britain in the 1990's. He presents her with an incredible story--a patient suffering from the disease was cured by a mythical "healing tribe" living deep in the Amazon jungle. Reluctantly placing her faith in Michael, who is entirely too religious for her comfort, Alexandra and her team seek out an unreached indigenous group who may hold the cure not only for Alex, but also for the world.

Award-winning, best-selling author Angela Hunt combines the unique rainforest setting, modern science, and a thrilling race for a cure into a powerful message of faith and redemption.


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978-0-8499-4345-4 (softcover)

LC Call No:

PS3558.U46747 C36 2003

Dewey Class No:

813/.54 21


Hunt, Angela Elwell, 1957-


The canopy / by Angela Hunt.


Nasville : W Pub. Group, c2003.


400 p. ; 22 cm.


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005 LastTransaction     20200105162939.0
008 Data Elements     030228s2003 tnu 000 1 eng
010 LCCN   $a Record content licensor  2003004904
020 ISBN   $a ISBN  978-0-8499-4345-4 (softcover)
035 System Ctrl No   $a System control number  13107747
040 Cataloging Src   $a Original cataloging agency  DLC
    $c Transcribing agency  DLC
    $d Modifying agency  DLC
050 LC Call No 00  $a Classification number  PS3558.U46747
    $b Item number  C36 2003
082 Dewey Class No 00  $a Classification number  813/.54
    $2 Edition number  21
100 ME:PersonalName 1   $a Personal name  Hunt, Angela Elwell,
    $d Dates associated with a name  1957-
245 Title 14  $a Title  The canopy /
    $c Statement of responsibility  by Angela Hunt.
260 PublicationInfo   $a Place of publication, dist.  Nasville :
    $b Name of publisher, dist, etc  W Pub. Group,
    $c Date of publication, dist, etc  c2003.
300 Physical Desc   $a Extent  400 p. ;
    $c Dimensions  22 cm.
655 IT:Genre $a Genre/form data or focus term  Christian fiction.
    $2 Source of term  gsafd.
852 Holdings   $a Location  DACL
    $h Classification part  FIC HUN
    $p Barcode  5932
    $9 Cost  9.95
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